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The trade war currently ensuing between the US and several nations around the globe, most fiercely with China, shows no signs of the first set of tariffs levied against solar. In today’s international and remote locations, experience and understanding of logistics operations and local networks is vital. With the many years of experience in our team, we have a detailed understanding of the criticality or every aspect of the logistics world.

Focus can provide logistics personnel to meet the needs of your company or project. From logistics managers to warehousemen, logistics controllers to transport coordinators, we can assist you. We provide personnel for one-off projects as well as long or short-term agency personnel, assist in the recruitment of permanent staff, or we can manage your logistics department for you.

When travelling to a foreign country, most people are nervous of the obstacles that will be there for them to overcome. When a full marine crew travels en-mass to a vessel mobilisation, it is imperative that they arrive on time and safely, especially in a remote location.

Focus provides meet-and-greet facilities through our network of specialist companies. From hotel reservations and taxi arrangements to a full pick-up facility, with or without armed guards, this can be arranged.

Ever had a last minute requirement for items to be in a country where you do not have a visa to enter? Are you frustrated at having to hand-carry important documents to your client, which takes you out of the office for days? Let Focus help you. Our personnel are available 24-hours-a-day for these important deliveries. This leaves you free to concentrate on your business.



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