Hamriyah Free Zone

The Harbour construction at Hamriyah was commenced in 1984 and completed in 1986, followed by the construction of the LPG loading berth which was owned by SHALCO and operated by AMOCO. The present operator of the terminal is `Petrofac' a well known international company. Last quarter of 1997 a general cargo berth of 250m being completed and started operation followed by the construction a general petroleum product berth by Sharjah Oil Refinery (SOR) Sharjah Seaports Authority has acquired overall charge of Hamriyah Port since then and they are the Port Operators. Since the last two years the port witnessed enormous growth with more berths and basic infrastructure. The port is internationally recognized and has become symbolic to the development of the Emirate of Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates. The port is able to accommodate very large and deep drafted vessels and handle all kinds of cargoes.


  • Easy access linking all seven Emirates also providing connections to neighboring Gulf States Closer to the Straits of Hormuz than other Southern Emirates ports.
  • A few miles away from Sharjah City and Industrial areas
  • As the Port is adjacent to Hamriyah Free Zone, the Free Zone Investors are able to save time and cost


Postal Address: Post Box. No. 4888 Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
Tel: + 971 6 526 33 88
Fax: + 971 6 526 33 83
E.mail: spaham@hamriyaport.ae
Website: www.sharjahports.ae

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